Sunday’s Sobras

(“sobras” is a Spanish word that can mean leftovers or scraps.  Occasionally I am going to post some “sobras” from the Sunday morning sermon, either something that did not get said or just a reminder of truths from God’s word.)

John 5:1-16 shows two different responses to Jesus, neither of which led to faith (as far as we know).  Both the healed man and the Jewish leaders were unable to see Jesus for who he was:  the Jews because of their focus on their traditions and works based righteousness; the healed man because of his self focus even after being healed.  Jesus intentionally provokes the Jews, but he gives the healed man a chance.  “See” he commands him…connect the dots…draw out the conclusion; “you are well” he reminds him…your own body is testifying of me…believe in the one who just healed you.

Don’t miss seeing Jesus, either because of your tradition or your personal experience.  Open God’s word and see Jesus.  Seeing Him clearly leads to believing in Him truly and to following Him faithfully.


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